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My name is Mark Scates and I’m a fully qualified UK School teacher for Science. I’m also an examiner for one of the major examination boards. I have over 15 years teaching experience. I now work full time as a tutor from a classroom where I offer either individual lessons or small group lessons.

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One of my friends managed to get pregnant after a Caesarian operation when the baby was only two months old, and she was immediately offered such solution. But she did not go to the hospital, and after all the tests and ultrasound, she took Cytotec tablets in the doctor's office, then at home. It just went on like a menstrual flow, and she did not even tell her husband ...

I also offer lessons from my location in Harold hill, Romford. There is a fully equiped classroom with desks, whiteboard, printer and projector.


I offer a very professional service at reasonable fees. I obtain high results.