Preventing pathogens entering

citas internet imss Our natural defenses to stop pathogens from entering.[uid]=309 This tutorial is aimed for Key stage 3/GCSE and A level.

opcje binarne o co chodzi A pathogen is a disease causing microorganism. We have many natural defences to stop pathogens from entering the body.

go site Our skin is our biggest natural protector. It stops pathogens from entering. If the skin is cut then blood will for a clot to prevent pathogens from entering.

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binäre optionen broker bonus Copyright © 2013 Our eyes produce tears that contain antibacterial chemicals.  This stops pathogens entering through the eyes. beauty girl cry © Chepko Danil – When we breathe in dust and pathogens enter our airways. In out trachea or airways there are goblet cells which secrete mucus. The mucus is sticky and so it traps pathogens. The cilia then move the mucus and pathogens upwards to the top of the throat. Here, swallowing will occur where the mucus and pathogens will go down the oesophagus into the stomach. In the stomach there will be hydrochloric acid that will kill the bacteria. airways

Image supplied by Alila Medical Media. Click on the link to see other cell images.