11 plus exam

I prepare pupils for two main 11 plus exams Redbridge and Essex. I can either offer individual tuition or group tuition at a centre that I operate www.ukbestteachers.co.uk

Redbridge 11 plus.

Redbridge, this includes the schools Woodford county high school and Ilford county high school. To gain access to these schools you need to take a verbal reasoning and non verbal reasoning paper. Both of these papers are multiple choice.

Essex 11 plus.

Essex, if you are considering either the Chelmsford county girls school or the King Edward grammar school in Chelmsford then you need to be living within a 12.5 mile boundary from the Chelmsford war memorial. 80% of the intake will come from within this boundary and pupils within the boundary will be given preference to those outside.

The Chelmsford county high school for girls is no longer part of the essex consortium and so they have their own examination process. This consists of verbal reasoning, non verbal reasoning and numberical reasoning.

If you are outside the boundary then I would suggest that you look at the Westcliff and Southend schools. All of the Westcliffe and southend schools examine English, Maths and Verbal reasoning.

From September 2015  the Essex exam has changed it will consist of just two papers. One paper for English and one for Maths. Both papers are 60 minutes.

English paper 11 plus

The English was previously based on a 19th century text. They have used quite a few Thomas Hardy novels in the last ten years. CSSE will be releasing the new specimen paper in January 2014 for the September 2015 exam. In the new style of exam there will be different parts:

A comprehension based on a piece of text, to examine grammar and vocabulary.

There will be two pieces of creative writing to do within the hour

There will also be applied reasoning of literacy and verbal reasoning.

The creative writing has not been examined before and the verbal reasoning was previously in a separate paper.

I will buy in from publishers any and all available resources for the students that I teach in order to make sure they pass. I need to maintain my outstanding record of high passes.

CSSE does sell past papers for the English. They can be bought directly from the CSSE.However do be warned that they are not open during the school holidays. Sample papers for English can be obtained from a company called Visuteach. The English papers from Visuteach seem to be easier than the genuine CSSE papers. However, they do allow students opportunities to see similiar questions. Another good choice for comprehension is ISEB English practice book

A new section to the 11 plus for Essex this year is creative writing Stephen Curran has written some great books on creative writing. Another good choice is Guinea pig education.

The English paper now contains verbal reasoning. Most of my material  for the verbal reasoning I have written myself and so its not commercially available unless I tutor your child. However, I can recommend some sources:

Stephen Curran Verbal Reasoning

Lucky Gecko Verbal Reasoning

Learning together Verbal Reasoning

Maths 11 plus

I tend to buy in the Stephen Curran books to teach the maths part of the 11 plus course. I will provide you with links to good maths publishers:

Learning together Maths book.

Stephen Curran Maths book.

The maths paper for Essex now contains non verbal reasoning. I have found that Stephen Curran provides excellent non verbal reasoning training. Visuteach also provide Maths papers for the Essex 11 plus.

The Bond books…………..

I have tried to use the bond books and products in the past. I know that they are used by many parents. However, I find them too easy. I prefer to provide rigorous training for the 11 plus. This means that they are prepared for any exam. As a result I don’t tend to use the bond products.