7A Cells

The 7A Cells unit is traystockaught in year 7 of secondary schools and is normally one of the first taught units. I have outlined below what the students need to know. This unit teaches them the basic unit of life and how to use a microscope.

The image shown, shows a school child using a light microscope to observe a glass slide containing a cell.

The image was supplied by a Symbiostock member.


Students need to know:

1. The parts of a microscope

2. How to use a microscope

3. How to prepare a onion slide and cheek cell slide

4. Structure of plant and animal cells

5. Structure of specialised cells

6. definitions of cells, tissues, organs and organ systems.

7. Examples of tissues and organs in both plants and animals

8. How cells divide.

9. How plants and animals reproduce

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