A Level Biology

I am able to tutor all of the A Level Biology courses.

AQA Biology


EDEXCEL Salters Nuffield Biology

OCR Biology

Are all of the Biology courses the same?

Well two of them are very similiar to each other, but the others are very different. AQA Biology goes into a lot of depth. The two Edexcel biology courses have the same content but the order of topics is rearranged. The logic behind the two courses is that the Edexcel biology is concept led whilst the Edexcel Salters Nuffield biology is context led. The OCR biology tends to have less content than the other courses. Most schools tend to opt for OCR biology.

When are the exams for the course?

All AS/A2 exams are in May or June. The AS Exams tend to be the last week in May or first week of June. The A2 exams are in the 2nd and 3rd week of June.