A Level Chemistry

I am able to tutor all of the the A level syllabi that are currently offered this includes:

Different courses for A Level Chemistry.

AQA Chemistry

EDEXCEL Chemistry

OCR Chemistry A

OCR Chemistry B (Salters)

Are all of the Chemistry Syllabi the same?

No, there are vast differences between them. Generally speaking AQA chemistry tends to go into more depth and has the most difficult questions on its papers. This is closely followed by Edexcel Chemistry and then OCR Chemistry A tends to have less content. OCR Chemistry B is a very different course and has a greater emphasis on relating the chemistry to real life situations.

These are a couple of examples:

Both OCR Chemistry A and Edexcel Chemistry require candidates to know the difference Ionisation energy in groups and periods. However, only on Edexcel Chemistry do candidates need to know the trends within the periods. On the Edexcel they need to know why there is a decrease in ionisation energy between the s-block and P-block. They also need to know why there is a decrease in ionsiation energy in the middle of the p-block.

Both OCR chemistry A and Edexcel Chemistry require candidates to be able to add a hydrogen halide to an asymetrical Alkene to produce to products. However, on Edexcel chemistry candidates also need to be able to explain this with reference to electron pushing effects.

What is the most common syllabus used for A Level Chemistry?

In Essex and East london the most common syllabus used by most schools is OCR Chemistry A.

Controlled assessment.

How can you tutor the practical element (controlled assessment) of this course?

Each board has a practical skills book attached with the exception of the AQA chemistry.

The links can be found here to each of the books on Amazon:

OCR Chemistry A Practical Skills

OCR Chemistry B (Salters) Practical Skills

Edexcel Chemistry Practical Skills

Main text book for A Level Chemistry.

What is the main text book that you use to teach the A Level chemistry ?

As I have stated elsewhere I use a syllabus specific textbook to teach my students. I also provide one for a small book deposit.

For OCR Chemistry A I tend to use the Heinnemann text book. It can be found here on Amazon.

For the OCR Chemistry B (Salters) I tend to use the revision guide rather than the main text book. The reason for this is that the main textbook contains the AS and the A2 material together. The main textbook does split the AS from the A2 matherial. However, the problem that students face with this textbook is that it doesn’t split the AS material into two separate modules or the A2 material into the two separate modules. What this means is that if a student is using the book to study they won’t be clear if the AS section they are reading is for the unit 1 exam or the unit 2 exam. The main textbook can be found here on Amazon.

In addition for this course you also need the Story lines book one for AS and the other for A2. AS book on Amazon is here and the A2 book on Amazon is here.

The actual revision guide that I use to teach with is here on Amazon for AS. The A2 version can be found here on Amazon.

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