Different types of lessons

I offer several types of lessons from individual lessons to group lessons. Some people prefer individual lessons and others prefer group lessons. I also offer online lessons.

Individual lessons

Individual lessons are great for focusing on the specific needs of a student. However, if you are shy I’d suggest a group lesson with a friend. This can make the learning experience more relaxing. If you have special requirements then individual lessons are the best choice such as:

Dyslexia, hearing difficulties or something similiar.

If you want to cover specific areas and only those areas then individual lessons are always the best choice.

If you are on an unusual course e.g. Btec

If you are an external candidate

Group Lessons

Group lessons can be real fun! They are also the most cost effective way from a clients point of view. Sharing a lesson with a friend costs £12.50 each and that is great value. Most students are able to go into a group without any problems. Some people are concerned that group teaching is not as effective as a one to one lesson. However, it is just as effective.

I teach an individual student in the same way that I would teach a group student. We simply go through the syllabus and then do past paper questions. This is a fairly standard approach to tutoring. In small sized group 2-4 it makes no difference.

Online tuition

I do offer online tuition using a headset. I have a fibre optic connection for ultra fast speed and a intuos bamboo tablet along with whiteboard software. This is a great way to have lessons. I have a professional microphone for ultra high quality sound and use white board software which is done on a share screen. This allows you to see what is going on.

Online tuition works well for:

People who want an outstanding tutor, but none in their local area

People who live in rural communities

People who may be abroad for parts of the year.

The great thing about online tuition is that there are no travel fees to pay.