External candidates

This page is written for external candidates. Over the years I have had quite a few requests to cater for the needs of external candidates. The reason for the need could be due to several reasons:

A man with a serious problem, isolated on blackIt could be that it didn’t go well in the exam. You need to resit the exams in order to achieve a higher grade. If its GCSE level then you may need to do the coursework again. Centres can be found to take the exam, but finding a centre to do the coursework is quite tricky. An alternative is to consider taking IGCSE either double award or triple award. The practical element of the course is within the exams. This means that there is no coursework. AS or A2 courses need coursework and so realistically the only option is to take a course at a college to get the coursework part of the course done.

If you are a new student that has come in from abroad, then for GCSE, the best option is IGCSE as an external candidate. For A levels there are various private colleges in London that can offer the course. I can provide additional tuition to bridge the gap between where you are currently and the course that you will be taking.

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