GCSE Science

The GCSE Science system is somewhat confusing. Many parents are totally confused as to what their child is studying. However, I will try to explain the options here.

I am able to teach all of the GCSE Science curriculums from the exam boards Edexcel, AQA and OCR. OCR offer two different specifications for science OCR 21st century and OCR Gateway.

The system is set up so that schools can offer students either single science, double science or triple science.

There are three layers to the current Science GCSE: Core science, Additional Science and Extension Science.

A single science student only studies the core science part. So they will study Core biology, core chemistry and core physics. This is not very common to only study the core.

A double science student will study the core and the additional part. This means they will study Core biology, core chemistry, core physics, additional biology, additional chemistry and additional physics. Most students do double.

A triple science student will study all of the core, additional and the extension units. So they will do the same as the additional student, but have additional exams for the extension: Extension biology, Extension chemistry and Extension physics.