How do you tutor?

First of all I always put the student first! If a student of mine doesn’t have a syllabus specific text book then I will provide one for a small refundable deposit. Many schools do not offer the syllabus specific text book due to the high cost. However, I’m after maintaining my record for high grades and therefore one will be supplied.

I teach to the syllabus, and not just general science. There are actually significant differences between the syllabi and in some cases these actually contradict each other. However, I have spent a significant amount of time knowing the difference between one science syllabus and the next.

I make an assessment of the child first. I can either do this through a paper or during the first lesson. If the child needs course content boosting, then I will work on this. If however, they need exam technique then I will work on that. I use the professional exam software Exam Quest, Exampro and Exam wizard. This software allows me to target specific areas and improve exam technique. I also use a lot of the zig zag education resources.

I do set homework and this will be packs of questions or papers and its all printed out with mark schemes so your child can see exactly what to write. I will spend time going through their mistakes in the next lesson.

As an examiner I know exactly how to get maximum marks and I apply those principles in my tuition. Students that I teach normally do exceptionally well. The exam software I use is exam board specific. This software provides the students with training on how to answer the exam questions. It gives them repetition on similiar types of questions and the exact phrase that will score the mark. Using this approach I have successfully converted many U grades into A grades and helped hundreds of students.

I know the difference between the syallbi inside out. Look at some of my subject pages I have stated differences between the courses where I have spent time learning the differences so that I can be specific to your childs needs and to the course that their school is using.