Online science tuition

Online science tuition

Demand for online science tuition is increasing. A number of clients contact me requesting this service both within the UK and abroad. I have taught students from Ukraine, Saudi Arabia, Spain and other countries.

There are many students that wish to benefit from the services that I offer, but travel is either too far or their transportation options are limited. I offer online tuition to solve these problems.

How do you offer science tuition online?

I can offer science tuition online by two methods:

  1. Skype using a share screen option and open sankore whiteboard software
  2. Bramble dedicated online system

Using Skype

I have used skype to deliver online tuition for many years. It has many advantages as it runs on multiple platforms such as laptop, mac and tablets. Most people already have a Skype account and they are familiar with the software. Using a share screen option I can incorporate a whiteboard program that I can type, draw and drag items. I can arrange an online demo.


Bramble is a dedicated online interactive whiteboard software that will record both audio and video during the lesson, so that the student can play the lessons back after. The lessons are kept online for the duration of the course. Bramble software allows both the student and the tutor to type and draw on the software. At the end of the lesson Bramble emails the student a copy of a pdf with the notes along with a video link.


In both cases homework can be set. The homework can be sent via email or whattsapp.

International courses

There is both international GCSE and international A level available. Worldwide many students are choosing these courses and wish to be taught by someone that is familiar with the UK education system. I have extensive experience of delivering these courses for many years.

For the international GCSE there are two main examination boards Edexcel and Cambridge. For internationals A level the only examination board is currently Edexcel. Many international schools use international GCSE along with a lot of independent schools within the UK.

Cost of online tuition

There are no additional costs that the client needs to pay for online tuition other than the regular cost of their broadband connection and my hourly rate cost. Bramble do charge me a service fee, but I cover that cost on behalf of the client. It is important to me that the student does well and low ability students would benefit enormously from being able to play back the lesson multiple times.

External candidates

Inevitably each year I receive requests from students that have not managed to achieve the desired grade at A level. The online tuition option allows them to seed a specialised science tutor to train them in examination technique to improve their ability to achieve marking points. In a lot of cases schools will allow A level students to resit their exams. Although from a schools point of view this has to be entirely discretionary. Otherwise they could end up with mass resits.