What my past students say…….

This page is dedicated to the comments of my past students……….

13 thoughts on “What my past students say…….

  1. Denise

    My son has been having online lessons and i am amazed to how well it has worked. The lessons have been of great use and has given him more confidence. I would recommend this type of tuition.

  2. Geraldine

    Mark was amazing. He helped me through some drug calculations. Mark did stop and go back to things if I did not understand what he was saying. He showed me many ways to approach any sum, I had. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking for a maths/ science tutor. To be very honest, I do not know what I would have done with out his help.

  3. Ola

    Mark is an excellent teacher and clearly master in his field.my son started lessons with mark six months ago and has gone from really struggling in his grades to getting A/A stars in his reports. Mark’s method of teaching has really made my son confident in his sciences. I will recommend mark any day. He is simply the best

  4. Simon

    As an A-Level student of Mark, I can honestly say he is one of the best tutors out there at the moment. His teaching skills are exceptional and he knows exactly the ability of his students and how to bring their grades up. Indeed, his subject knowledge of the sciences is almost faultless and this enables him to teach with ease and make the whole tuition experience, very smooth. He is effective in his time management throughout the lesson, which allows the student to gain the maximum quality of his teaching and uses homework as not a hindrance, but as a consolidation exercise that can identify issues within topic areas. Thus his tutoring extends further than just the hours of lesson.
    Moreover, he is a very friendly, genuine and considerate man who understands the concept of tutoring to be of a great aide to students and a service used to stretch their ability. The best tutor I’ve ever had the privilege to study under and always committed.

  5. Angelo

    Mark has been a great mentor for me as a university student who wants to get into teaching. Not only has he provided me with helpful resources, but has also given me sound advise and an opportunity to deliver lessons to some of his students – to which he has provided constructive feedback for. His offers to assist me are a real reflection on his good nature.

    After seeing Mark teach, he’s somebody I would highly recommend him to anybody who is looking for a tutor – regardless of the academic ability. Unlike many tutors, Mark spends a lot of energy in providing brilliant resources for his students – including ExamPro / ExamWizard material. His experience as an examiner is evident when it comes to teaching exam technique, and delivers lessons which are engaging.

    I highly recommend Mark as a tutor.

  6. AdeT

    I have found Mark to be very personable, dedicated and motivating. Since taking on my daughter’s tutoring in the Triple Science, my daughter has gained confidence and determined to achieve excellent grades.
    Receiving tutoring from Mark has helped her acheived consistent high scores in her exams and course work, as Mark is fully knowlegdable and has a great capability to ensure understanding of all the topics he covers.
    Thanks Mark. from AdeT

  7. Habib

    I have had Mark as my tutor for over five years now. After trying numerous tutors to help improve my grade and not making any progress I finally found Mark. In my first lesson I could easily tell that he was an excellent tutor. His subject knowledge is vast and exceptional. Also, his teaching ability to communicate the knowledge to the student is incredible. He would explain information to me in a manner in which I would understand it and be enthusiastic about learning more. Throughout my five years with him he has always been extremely punctual and reliable. Mark is also tutoring my younger sister for the 11+ entrance exam who has gained confidence in herself due to him teaching her. Mark has a likeable character and is completely honest at all times. He is an amazing teacher and I would highly recommend him to anyone.

  8. Grace

    Both my sister and I have been taught AS and A level Chemistry and Biology by Mark and we agree he is incredibly helpful. Mark knows the syllabus thoroughly, and is both reliable and dependable. He provides abundant resources (exam practise) and helps in the areas needed. He regularly sets work to complete each week and will always focus on weaker areas to ensure you reach your best possible grade. I cannot thank Mark enough for all the hard work, commitment and help he had provided. Every question i have he can always answer! I strongly recommend Mark to students of all ages.

  9. Kenny

    Great tutor, very helpful and committed. He clearly knows his subject areas inside out and is able to pass that knowledge on to his students in an effective way. Highly recommended!

  10. Daniel

    Mark is such a great tutor in so many ways. He helps you to to understand the knowledge you need to know for A Level Chemistry and Biology which is the fundamental key to gaining good marks. However he also helps you to understand how the examiners think and also how to think ‘outside the box’ in order to answer any question no matter how complicated it may seem at first sight. This is a skill many teachers forget to teach but is always tested on any and ever exam paper produced.

    I truly recommend him as it offers more than most teachers and really knows how to develop a students understanding.

  11. Tracy

    Having used a well known educational organisation for a period of time and being very disappointed, I was very fortunate to be recommended Mark for my twins 11+ tuition.
    He is incredibily perceptive and after just one lesson, was able to identify the strenghts and weaknesses in both children and tutor them accordingly.
    As a parent, I found Mark professional, flexible and a wealth of information on how grammar schools operate.
    My children both achieved excellent scores, which truly reflected their abilities.
    I cannot recommend him highly enough, I just wish we’d found him earlier……

  12. Shabab

    Mark is an amazing science tutor. As soon as I started a lot of progress has been seen in my work. I have always got A* in all my grades for science. He helped especially with my key stage 3 exams. I level 7 (top mark) in chemistry, biology and physics. I feel the most luckiest person on earth to have Mark as my science tutor. I will recommend him to all children!

  13. Susan

    Mark is an excellent tutor. He has helped my son immensely in his A Level Chemistry, and has just started teaching my daughter at GCSE level.
    He is very flexible and does everything he can to help you. He is extremely knowledgeable regarding all the examining boards and their syllabuses.
    I feel lucky to have Mark as a tutor for my children and cannot recommend him highly enough.



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